Best Massage Oil for Dry Skin: Anti-Aging Tips & Advice

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As winter arrives, you get to experience cool temperature yet the air becomes drier resulting in forming fine lines on your skin. This happens as a result of dehydration as skin loses nutrients. Some specific parts of your body even show signs of premature aging as these seasonal changes disturb the balance of nutrients in your skin.

Too much of exposure can make your skin drier and would even make you appear mature than your age.

Remember that if you don’t give your dry  skin a proper treatment , it may become visible and others would start  to notice . Thus why it is so important to take really good care of your skin during periods of dry weather. Some simple tips can help you in normalizing your skin with proper moisturizing.

Best Massage Oils Brands Weather (Brands & List)

1.  Pure Almond Oil

2. Weleda Arnica Oil

3. Jojoba Massage Oil

4. Bon Vital Naturale Massage Oil

5. Biotone Revitalizing Unscented

6. NaturOli Warm and Sensual Massage Oil

7. The Body Shop Unfragranced

When we talk about moisturizing oil massage, there is a huge variety of massage oils available in market. You can find scented/unscented oils, almond oil, olive oil and so many others that finding a right choice for your dry skin can be really difficult. Although each of these oils would have certain benefits but your need here is to combat skin drying up due to dry weather. So here are a set of tips on how to choose the best massage oil for dry and sensitive skin, should you use and in what manner to keep your skin fresh and shinning:

  • For dry weather skin moisturizing treatment, it would be best to use pure essential oils and herbs that work wonderfully well for treating dry skin. Some of the best choices would include rosewood, sandalwood, chamomile Use of these pure oils would re-hydrate and deep clean your skin to make it look beautiful.
  • Some other oils that can be combined with pure essential oils to further enhance the benefits of a massage therapy for dry skin include almond, apricot, jojoba, almond along with the use of vitamin E. You can enjoy a moisturizing massage with the use of a pure essential oil along with these natural carrier oils for a good facial massage during dry weather.
  • Avoid use of oils that are made from synthetic oils (example mineral oil) along with artificial fragrances

Some DIY Tips here:

Tips for a Moisturizing Oil Massage:

Many studies and research have concluded that massaging your body with the use of warm (pure) oil would improve your skin condition. Not only it would help in moisturizing but it would also enhance detoxification especially when the weather is dry. Now here are some simple tips with the aid of which you can enjoy a moisturizing oil massage in dry weather. This massage can be done by yourself or you can take assistance of someone else. We would recommend you to book an appointment with a therapist as a therapeutic hand massage from a professional would surely be much more effective and relaxing.

  • First make sure that you have your massage oil handy and it is warm.
  • Begin massaging your scalp. Take some oil in your palms and massage with circulatory movement using your fingers and hands.
  • Then work your way downwards moving to your face, neck, shoulder, arm, wrist and hand. Thus covering your entire upper body.
  • Strokes throughout your arms and hands should be long and move in upward and downward direction.
  • Then work on your back, chest and abdomen with circular movements in clockwise direction.
  • Now work on your lower body.
  • Start with hips, rubbing it in a circular direction.
  • Begin with massaging one leg at a time using long strokes and move in upward and downward direction. Similar method should be used for all the limbs throughout your body.
  • Joints must be massaged with circular strokes.
  • Use of oil should be done as needed during the therapy. Do not overdo it or it would later be difficult for you in shower.

After Oil Massage Tips

When you are finished with massaging your whole body, let it relax for a few quick minutes so that oil can soaks in.

Some more tips:

  • There is some risk involved of slipping in showe after a massage, so it would be best to keep a towel under your feet
  • Use cleanser to scrub off rest of the oil from your body

Additional Treatments for Moisturizing Skin (Face/Legs

Along with an effective oil massage therapy, we are sharing here some treatments that would complement massage therapy that you can do in summer or winter:

  • Body Wrap: Warp your body in a heated blanket with soothing aroma for a few minutes before massage therapy. After removing the blanket, body should be massaged with warm oil.
  • Use of Body Mask: You can also use an effective body mask that is made up of natural fruits, yogurt and grains such as papaya, herbs, pineapple, seaweed and other natural items that are known for revitalizing and moisturizing your skin. You may apply this mask before or after an oil therapy.
  • Use of Exfoliators: Dry skin gives rise to dead skin cells. Exfoliators are used for removal of these dead skin cells. Just use a right full body exfoliation treatment that is made up of natural oils in order to supplement oil massage.
  • Hydrotherapy: Another effective treatment for dry skin is to soak body in a water bath that has seaweed, herbs, mineral salts and natural oils. This treatment would give your body a complete nourishment and can be used after an oil massage.
  • Body Cream: A good quality nourishing and nutrients rich body cream can be used after shower to keep your body moisturized and hydrated all day long.


Too much oil or too much dryness is not good for your skin, a moderate level of moisture should be maintained in order to prevent your skin from wrinkles and other signs of aging. Not only dryness begins to show on your face (pick best oil for dry skin on face but even may have affected other parts of your body. You may begin to feel skin tightened and extremely dry. In order to avoid that to happen with you, it is important to combat this dryness of weather and keep your skin hydrated and tender with the aid of an effective oil massage along with other treatments.